ChemEd 2019 Reg Friesen Lecturer: Diana Mason

Reg Friesen in a Chem 13 News shirtThe Reg Friesen lecture is a special part of the ChemEd conference. The honorary lecture was inaugurated at ChemEd 1987 to recognize Reg Friesen’s outstanding contributions to the chemical education community. Reg (pictured) was the founding editor of Chem 13 News in 1968 and was actively involved in the ChemEd conference series from its inception in 1973. Reg gave high school teachers a voice and encouraged them to share and learn together. The Reg Friesen lecturer is selected to reflect Reg’s belief that chemistry teachers can and do make a difference in students’ lives and in the chemistry community. After Reg passed away in 1998, the lecture took on additional meaning to the many in the ChemEd community who called him a friend.

Diana Mason has been selected as the 2019 Reg Friesen lecturer.  

On the ChemEd 2019 website you can see the many honours Dr. Mason has received. We in the ChemEd community call her Diana and know her for her dedication, energy and passion. She brings ideas and teachers together and embodies Reg’s belief that chemistry teachers make a difference.

ChemEd Reg Friesen Lecturer Diana Mason and Robyn Ford holding bowling balls near a large bucket of water
Robyn Ford and Diana Mason trying
to float bowling balls at ChemEd 2017

Chris Toth and Diana Mason holding the ChemEd hosting plaque
Chris Toth and then ChemEd chair,
Diana Mason at ChemEd 2007

Diana Mason blowing up a balloon of hydrogen
Diana Mason blowing up balloons with
the help of Bill Deese

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