Mendeleev Mosaic

wanted artwork of Mendeleev

Over the holiday break, make sure to encourage your students to delve into some artwork and design an image of Mendeleev. We are asking you to get your students, as well as any chemistry enthusiasts, to create an image of Mendeleev. The goal is to create unique and inspiring portraits in a variety of styles, colour and artistic expression. (Although we prefer artwork to be an 8 by 8 inch hexagon, we can electronically resize your submissions as well as place square canvasses onto a black or white hexagon.). If you do have students interested, please take 5 minutes and submit the “I am interested” form online to help us with our planning. Early submissions will be featured in the February issue.

Mendeleev potrait cross-stitched

Mendeleev image outline with lines made up of elemental symbols

Mendeleev image coloured with pencil crayons with a periodic table in the background

Mendeleev image in a pumpkin

Mendeleev image photoshopped to be in blue colour with straight edges

an advertisement with Mendeleev photo with hexagon incorporated into his portrait

Printable "Wanted Mendeleev" poster for your class