A green chemistry quiz for St. Patrick’s Day

potassium trioxolatoferrate (III) trihydrate which appears as a green crystal

These crystals are in the puzzle below. Photo by Ed Escudero. 

Printable PDF for Green Puzzle for St Patrick's Day

Which of the following are green?

☘    510 nm or 600 nm

☘    Bromothymol blue in a basic solution or a neutral solution

☘    Copper(II) chloride dihydrate or copper(II) oxide

☘    BaCl2 salt or CaCl2 salt in fireworks

☘    Flame test for boron or sodium

☘    Hematite or malachite

☘    Al2O3, with Cr3+ replacing a few Al3+ in octahedral sites or Be3Al2(SiO3)6, with Cr3+ replacing a few Al3+ in octahedral sites

☘    Potassium ferric oxalate trihydrate or cupric sulfate pentahydrate crystals
☘    Copper arsenite or cadmium sulfide paint (we would not suggest painting your room with either)

☘    C37H34N2Na2O10S3 or C37H34N2Na2O9S3 (note the small difference in compound but a difference in colour)

☘    Universal pH test paper dipped in a weak alkaline or strong acid solution
☘    Chlorophyll under ultraviolet light or chlorophyll under visible light (front cover of this issue)

Reprinted from March 2007 issue of Chem 13 News with more comparisons added to challenge your students and you.     ☘