University of Waterloo highlights at 2017 STAO/APSO

University of Waterloo launches interactive online chemistry lessons

Friday 11:00 am

Are you looking for new ways to encourage your chemistry students to stay engaged with the course material? To help them self-assess their learning? To provide them with more practice problems or enrichment material? At Waterloo, we are developing freely available, interactive online lessons for grades 11 and 12 chemistry. The lessons combine text, images, animations, narrated video, interactive apps and dynamically-generated questions that are graded instantly to provide 'in-the-moment' feedback. In this interactive workshop, we will provide a demonstration of our online chemistry lessons, and you will have an opportunity to explore them using your own laptop or tablet computer. We will also facilitate a discussion on the potential uses of interactive online chemistry lessons and solicit your feedback on lesson design and desired content.

University of Waterloo Chemistry Department:

university of waterloo chemistry department Pictured left to right: Laura Ingram, Lab Instructor & Outreach Coordinator , Carey Bissonnette, Continuing Lecturer, Science Teaching Fellow, Jean Hein, Chem 13 News, Editor.

Learning Physics

Friday 11:00 am

We describe the learning environment in the first-year physics courses at the University of Waterloo, common challenges our students face, and things we do (and you can do!) to help them 'bridge the gap' between high school and university. You will also engage in a 'shocking' group activity (How does a flashlight work?) that is conceptually rich and fascinating and illustrates the difference between high school and first-year university expectations. 

University of Waterloo Physics Department:

University of Waterloo Physics DepartmentPictured left to right: Richard Epp, Lecturer, Rohan Jayasundera, Lecturer

Come by the University of Waterloo booth and get a selfie with Avogadro

Come by and chat at the Chem 13 News booth. It is an opportunity for our editors and our readers to meet each other. Don’t forget to pick up a Periodic Table Poster for your classroom — with all the newly named elements included.
Avo will be coming again to STAO 2017. Below are some STAO 2016 photos with Avogadro.

people standing with avogadro cut out

Pictured left to right:Avo while going to STAO booths met with a corn snake, Sam Kean and Avo (big names in chemistry),Alison MacPherson, Avo and Erica Taylor.