Consider presenting at ChemEd!

logo of ChemEd 2019 with illustrations of blue and red glassware

 Submissions are now being accepted! 

People often ask "What should I present?" Present your passion! What do you do in your classroom that you're proud of? We. Want. To. See. It. If you love what you are teaching, we'll love your presentation! If you were looking for a more direct answer, many ChemEd attendees report that they love presentations that are hands-on, make 'n takes, relate to curriculum and how you personally implement your pedagogy. Most appreciated presentations are ideas readily implemented in the classroom. And you don’t have to do it alone! Consider grabbing a colleague to present with you! What better way to #PayItForward! 

Lee Marek doing a demo in a darken room – he has large gloves and is holding a block of dry ice that is glowing

 The iconic Lee Marek • Mg and CO2(s)

 Karl Craddock doing a demo with a cauldron and a large bubble coming out off the top with dry ice looking like smoke inside the bubble

 Karl Craddock presenting at Fermilab

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