Timeline of elements update

We had over 200 applications for 118 elements for our 2019 International Year of Periodic Table project. There will be representation from 26 countries, 38 US states and all Canadian provinces and territories. There still is a way for all your students to participate in the timeline — Mendeleev Mosaic.  

A disproportionate number of teachers and alumni from Ontario, Texas and the University of Waterloo have applied. The good news is that STAO, ACT2 and the University of Waterloo all have their own elements.

University of Waterloo

We have tungsten! Contact us at Chem 13 News – Jean Hein. Let us knowa hexagon with large tungsten symbol in it that you are planning to design a tile and we will send you more information and updates. We would need your W submissions by February 22, 2019. Looking forward to seeing what creative tiles come out of our university. 


The Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario has the oxygen tile. Contact a hexagon with large oxygen symbol in itKaren_Dodds@stao.org with any questions. Schools can hand in their completed tiles to the Curriculum Coordinator Michael Franfort at michael_frankfort@stao.org. The STAO deadline is Friday, February 22, 2019. This will give STAO one week to decide which tile to submit on behalf of Ontario teachers. You can find out more at the STAO conference playground or Chem 13 News exhibit booth at the annual STAO conference this November. 


Interested Texan teachers can contact Diana Mason, Diana.Mason@unt.edu for more information and updates. ACT2 selected carbon because Texas is known for its oil!a hexagon with large carbon symbol in it