A forgetful crostic winner

The book winner for solving A forgetful crostic in the December 2017 and January 2018 issue is Rida Ahmed, a student of Dr. Robert Corell, a teacher at Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey. The quote was taken from Grammatical Man by Jeremy Campbell.

In artificial intelligence research, scientists are learning that the brain processes information in ways which are peculiarly human. For example, they have made the paradoxical discovery that forgetting serves a very important function and is a by-product of learning. Computers are now being programmed to forget selectively, just as the brain does, rather than store every item of information in their memories.

Clue letter Answer
A     John Polanyi
B     electromotive force
C     rate of effusion
D    even-even nuclide
E     metric system
F     yesterday’s news
G     carbohydrate
H     aluminum hydroxide
I     might is right
J     Panama Canal
K     bond polarity
L     effective
M     lead poisoning
N     low whirring
O     Graham
P Rastafarian
Q absentee voter
R metastable state
S Mississippi River
T anaesthetic
U tarragon
V iron pyrite
W churches
X arrest her in the Ruhr
Y lattice energy
Z mole fraction
AA amphoteric
BB nitrogen fixation