Much has changed in the last 50 years, both with Chem 13 News, and the views of chemists. The following quotes were taken from the first year of publication, and definitely highlight the commonly accepted views of women in STEM at the time. At Chem 13 News, we are very glad that these views have changed for the better! These quotes generated quite a few discussions with proofreaders about the current status of women in STEM in higher education in 2018.

March 1969 

“… a laboratory assistant will greatly reduce the heavy workload of the teacher. Married women who have had either a training as commercial laboratory technician or a university science background generally make satisfactory assistants….”

…In my opinion the Chem Study laboratory-oriented programme is suitable for students who are going to make chemistry a profession. It will attract, mostly, boys. It is not a programme that will reach the non-scientific groups. The latter consist of those who will not be going to university as, for example, the nurses and elementary school teachers of the future.”