Welcome to the Office of the Deputy Provost

I am delighted and honoured to serve as the Deputy Provost and Associate Vice-President Integrated Planning and Budgeting.  My office works closely with the Vice-President, Academic and Provost in all aspects of academic matters, budgeting and space planning as well as assisting all of the faculties and academic support units in developing their plans for the future.  As an Alumnus (MASc and PhD) and Professor since 2000 at the University of Waterloo.  I am privileged to be at one of the most exciting academic institutions in the world.

I work closely with stakeholders across campus to deliver high quality education, student experience and research across the entire institution.  I am responsible for leading the development of the Waterloo Budget Model, an activity based model which is directed at improving clarity and transparency in how resources are used at the University of Waterloo.  As Chair of the Strategic Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC), I help advise the President and Provost on University Fund commitments.    The Deputy Provost role supports integrated planning and budgeting by providing training, advice and guidance to all units on preparing budget plans, proposals, requests and new position requests.  This office works hard to ensure resources across campus are managed to avoid duplication and ensure that resources are allocated to support the University Strategic Plan.  It also provides support to understand how our most important processes operate across organizational unit boundaries to ensure they are efficient.  This office supports processes that are documented, stored, maintained, and adapted as needed.

I am also responsible for space planning and management and Chair the Leveraging Resources theme of the University’s Strategic Plan.   Waterloo operates effectively as a small city and offers services to 196,000 alumni, 36,000 students, 5,000 faculty and staff, 7,000 employers and an ecosystem of applicants, other agencies, institutes, suppliers, local community members and more. We operate over 1000 acres of land, +725,000 square metres of space , 100+ distinct buildings and have an operating budget of $750M which an additional $225 million in research funding.  There are over 10,000 campus machines and more than 1.1 million daily logins to IT services on-campus. I actively promote transparent and intentional governance of university resources, work to ensure resource use in alignment with our organizational values, facilitate periodic reviews of resource use and availability so that resources are shared with the campus community, support utilization of resources (e.g. equipment, classrooms, research IT) for cross-functional processes, try to ensure flexibility to respond to changing needs, work to enabling success and manage risk. 

In everything we do, our office is committed to the principles of communication, teamwork, and providing excellent service to our colleagues on and off campus.  Send us your feedback about this site - what works for you and where you need more information – and thank you for visiting.

Susan L. Tighe, PhD, PEng, FCAE
Deputy Provost and Associate Vice-President, Integrated Planning and Budgeting