PhD Student

Mohammad BasiriMohammad Hossein Basiri received the B.Sc. degree (Hons.) from the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan, Iran, and the M.Sc. degree (Hons.)  from the Sharif University of Technology (SUT), Tehran, Iran, both in electrical engineering—systems and controls. As a joint member of Real-time Embedded Software Group (RESG) and the Smart Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems (SHEVS) Laboratory, he is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering–systems and controls with the ECE Department, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada. He also had honorable permission for simultaneous study in two majors, electrical engineering and industrial engineering as an exceptional talented student and received several scholarships during his studies. He was the winner of the travel award grant to CPSWeek, 2019, Montreal, QC, Canada. His research interests include cyber-physical systems, security, and control theory particularly with the application to connected and automated vehicles.

Mohammad is co-supervised by Nasser L. Azad.

University of Waterloo

Publications with this group


Basiri, M.H., J.G. Thistle, J.W. Simpson-Porco, and S. Fischmeister, "Kalman Filter Based Secure State Estimation and Individual Attacked Sensor Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems", Annual American Control Conference (ACC), Philadelphia, USA, 2019. PDF icon [pdf] (1.15 MB)
Basiri, M. Hossein, M. Pirani, N. Azad, and S. Fischmeister, "Security of Vehicle Platooning: A Game-Theoretic Approach", IEEE Access, vol. 7, issue 1, pp. 185565--185579, 2019. PDF icon access2961002.pdf (1.65 MB)


Basiri, M.H., J. Thistle, and S. Fischmeister, "A Framework for Inference and Identification of Hybrid-System Models: Mixed Event-Time-driven Systems (METS)", IFAC-PapersOnLine (Proceedings of 18th IFAC Symposium on System Identification), vol. 51, issue 15, Stockholm, Sweden, pp. 297--292, 2018. PDF icon [paper] (912.82 KB)