Graduated (MASc), 2018

nirmalNirmal holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. During his undergraduate degree, Nirmal worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Prof.  Sebastian Fischmeister. The internships during his undergraduate career allowed him to explore different industries and gave him an opportunity to work on various projects such as optimising a notification delivery service and implementing the software component of encoders and decoders for video/audio transmission. Nirmal is currently pursuing a degree in Master's of Applied Science in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian Fischmeister. His current projects deal with accelerating algorithms using heterogenous systems which is also one of his research interests along with Embedded Systems and Distributed Systems.

University of Waterloo

Publications with this group


Kauffman, S., M. Dunne, G. Gracioli, W. Khan, N. Benann, and S. Fischmeister, "Palisade: A Framework for Anomaly Detection in Embedded Systems", Journal of Systems Architecture, pp. 1--17, 2020. PDF icon [pdf] (2.04 MB)


Carvajal, G., M. Salem, N. Benann, and S. Fischmeister, "Enabling Rapid Construction of Arrival Curves From Execution Traces", IEEE Design & Test, vol. PP, issue 99, 2017.
Narayan, A., N. Benann, and S. Fischmeister, "Mining Specifications using Nested Words", Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Software Mining, Urbana-Champaign, USA, 2017. PDF icon [paper] (398.65 KB)