Graduated (MASc), 2019

Shefali SharmaShefali is currently pursuing her master's degree in applied science under the supervision of Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister, University of Waterloo. Her current research field is functional safety and cybersecurity of autonomous vehicles.

The focus of her research is to develop new hazard analysis tools to identify, define, analyze and mitigate hazards from the earliest conceptual stage of development to the operation of a system. She worked as an assistant professor until 2017. Shefali got her Masters in Electronics from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh in 2014, and her Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from HPU, Shimla in 2012.

University of Waterloo

Publications with this group


Sharma, S., A. Flores, C. Hobbs, J. Stafford, and S. Fischmeister, "Safety and Security Analysis of AEB for L4 Autonomous Vehicle Using STPA", Workshop on Autonomous Systems Design (ASD 2019), Florence, Italy, 2019. PDF icon [pdf] (406.67 KB)


Sharma, S., A. Flores, C. Moreno, C. Hobbs, J. Stafford, K. Lamichhane, W. Khan, and S. Fischmeister, "Lessons-learned from Applying STAMP Safety and Security Analysis on AEB for L4 Autonomous Driving", STAMP Workshop, 2018.