Finished (Research Associate), 2016

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Yogi JoshiI am currently a master's student in David Chertion School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo, Canada. I am a part of the Real-time Embedded Systems group and WatForm group. I am being co-supervised by Dr. Bonakdarpour and Dr. Fischmeister. I hold a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from University of Pune, India. Further, I have over four years of product development experience mainly in the domain of finance. I have been trained on different technologies by HP(Hewlett Packard), and I have hands-on experience on different programing languages and tools. My research interests are Embedded Systems, Formal Methods and Software Engineering.

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University of Waterloo

Publications with this group


Narayan, A., G. Cutulenco, Y. Joshi, and S. Fischmeister, "Mining Timed Regular Specifications from System Traces", ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, vol. 17, issue 2, 2018. PDF icon [paper] (611.3 KB)


Joshi, Y., G. M. Tchamgoue, and S. Fischmeister, "Runtime Verification of LTL on Lossy Traces", 32nd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), Marrakech, Morocco, pp. 1379-1386, 2017. PDF icon [pdf] (325.24 KB)
Narayan, A., S. Kauffman, J. Morgan, G. Martin Tchamgoue, Y. Joshi, S. Fischmeister, and C. Hobbs, "System Call Logs with Natural Random Faults: Experimental Design and Application", Silicon Errors in Logic -- System Effects (SELSE), Boston, USA, 2017. PDF icon [pdf] (251.78 KB)


Cutulenco, G., Y. Joshi, A. Narayan, and S. Fischmeister, "Mining Timed Regular Expressions from System Traces", Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Software Mining, Singapore, pp. 3 - 10, 2016. PDF icon [paper] (417.1 KB)


Navabpour, S., Y. Joshi, C. Wah Wallace, S. Berkovich, R. Medhat, B. Bonakdarpour, and S. Fischmeister, "RiTHM: A Tool for Enabling Time-triggered Runtime Verification for C Programs", Proc. of the ACM Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013.