Secondment process

Posting process

The department may choose to advertise a vacant/temporarily vacant position (i.e. maternity leave) as a secondment internally across campus.

Secondment opportunities are advertised internally to the campus community on the UWaterloo Talent Acquisition System (iCIMS) internal portal. The Hiring Manager must submit a job requisition that is reviewed by the Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS). Internal applications are accepted for seven working days from Wednesday to Thursday night at midnight of the following week. The TAS will route eligible internal candidates to the Hiring Manager at the end of the seven day posting period, on Friday morning.  An email notification will automatically be sent to the Hiring Manager when resumes have been moved into the Hiring Manager review bin.

If you are also interested in accepting external applications, you will have the option of advertising concurrently on the temporary opportunities section of the Human Resources (HR) careers site. If no qualified, internal applicants apply within seven working days, the TAS will forward external resumes to your attention for review. Please refer to the temporary hiring process for steps.


After the manager has assessed internal applicants against the advertised qualifications, it is advisable that they contact the TAS to review the decision. If applicable, the manager will contact individuals to set up interviews. When the interview process is complete, it is important that the manager reviews his/her decision with the TAS before proceeding to the reference stage. The Hiring Manager is responsible for interviewing all qualified candidates. The TAS does not need to interview candidates, however the candidacy of the internal candidates and the rationale once a selection has been made must be discussed. The TAS will review the individual’s previous performance review and Human Resources file.

Reference check

The Hiring Manager contacts the candidate to indicate that they will be pursuing a reference check with the individual’s current manager. Please ensure that the candidate first obtains permission to be considered for a secondment from his/her current manager. It is important that their current manager seek approval from the organizational unit head.

Upon completion of a successful reference check and before proceeding to a job offer, contact the TAS to discuss the appropriateness of a secondment supplement.

The offer

If the internal candidate is being selected for the secondment, the Hiring Manager will communicate the offer details to the TAS, including: 1) Start Date, 2) End date, 3) Secondment supplement % (if applicable), and any other special conditions.  The TAS will then enter the offer details into iCIMS and route for approval by the Home Organizational Unit Head and the Seconding Organizational Unit Head.  Once approved, the TAS will generate the Secondment Agreement document, and will forward electronically to the employee for their electronic signature.

If the employee moves from full-time (FT) to a part-time (PT) secondment, the incumbent’s benefits will not change, but vacation entitlement does get prorated. If the opposite occurs, PT to FT secondment, the incumbents’ benefits will not change and vacation entitlement increases.

Unsuccessful internal candidates

After the job offer has been accepted, it is the Hiring Manager’s responsibility to contact those candidates who were unsuccessful in the selection process in a timely manner.

When a secondment becomes a temporary hire

If no internal candidates apply or if the internal candidates interviewed were unsuccessful, the external resumes received will be sent to the Hiring Manager. The TAS will change the ad to include the contact info of the Hiring Manager so that applications will be sent directly. Please refer to the temporary hiring process for additional information.