Temporary appointment process

Posting process

The hiring department may choose to advertise a temporary, or temporarily vacant, position (i.e. maternity leave). Posting is optional for temporary appointments. 

In order to post a temporary role, the Hiring Manager will create an iCIMS requisition and indicate that they want the role posted externally. A Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) will set the role to post for 30 days, unless otherwise specified.  Temporary opportunities that are not advertised concurrently as a secondment can be posted any business day.

The Hiring Manager will receive an email notification every Friday letting them know when there are new candidates to review in iCIMS.


After the Hiring Manager has assessed applicants against the advertised qualifications, they are responsible for contacting the applicants directly to set up interviews. Additional support and resources are available by contacting your dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS).  

Reference check

Before proceeding with reference checks, if the preferred candidate is a former employee of the University of Waterloo, the Hiring Manager will contact their TAS to learn more about the candidate’s employment history.

TAS will contact the candidate to ask for two references who previously supervised the candidate. TAS will then assign a task to the Hiring Manager through iCIMS, which will provide instructions to the Hiring Manager on how to complete the references.

The offer

Upon completion of successful reference and due diligence checks, the Hiring Manager will contact their TAS to discuss an appropriate salary amount. The TAS will send the agreed upon offer details to the Hiring Manager for electronic approval in iCIMS. The Hiring Manager will contact the candidate to let them know an offer is coming, and the TAS will send the electronic offer letter to the successful candidate for acceptance.

Changes to existing temporary appointment

Any changes to an existing temporary appointment will be initiated using the HR Change Form (PDF).

Extensions to existing temporary appointment

Any extensions to an existing temporary appointment exceeding 3 months must be initiated with a requisition in iCIMS.