Building the Next WCMS

Revision of project timelines and milestones

With the WCMS 3 development environment built, the current focus of this project is continued end-user testing and bug reporting through the alpha and beta testing phases. User testing and feedback on the development of the WCMS 3 platform has been integral to the work accomplished so far. But from this feedback we’ve also learned that more time is needed to ensure the best product will be delivered to campus.

new launch date

New WCMS 3 launch date

As such, the launch date for WCMS 3 websites has been revised from April 26 to June 29, 2021. This also means, on June 29 you may:

  • Start to migrate WCMS 2 websites to WCMS 3 as per the migration schedule shared with website point of contacts (POCs)
  • Request a new WCMS 3 website
  • Request to launch websites built during the beta testing phases

migration schedule

WCMS 2 website migrations

The WCMS 2 to WCMS 3 migration period will be revised to June 29, 2021 – November 19, 2022.

Information on this process has been shared directly with website POCs and is also available on the project website. You might also check the pre-migration tips for reviewing and cleaning up website content, which may help reduce the length of time and complexity of the migration to WCMS 3.

hiring resources

Hiring spring term co-op students

The WCMS Training and Support team will continue to provide website cleanup and preparation activities, designed to make the migration process smoother. We acknowledge this change has an impact on spring term co-op student workloads; every effort will be made to help provide as much advance and preparatory work as possible.

The above applies to standard “FDSU” and single page site themes only. Migration information for other WCMS 2 site themes (e.g., Conference, Publications) will be shared at later date.

What is alpha and beta testing?

Alpha testing

This process provides a structured approach to testing WCMS 3.0 features/functionality, helping to identify bugs/issues/unexpected behaviours that cannot be caught through automated testing processes. Alpha sites are approximately 60-70% feature complete. The primary objectives of alpha testing include:

  • Evaluating product quality at given points in time
  • Ensuring beta readiness
  • A focus on finding bugs
  • Answering the question, “Does the product work?”

Testers will complete tasks and add content to sample WCMS 3 websites, reporting any bugs or issues they experience. These websites will be deleted at the close of each alpha testing cycle.

Key dates

Three alpha testing cycles have been scheduled, each consisting of a two-week testing period followed by a one-week period during which the WCMS team will synthesize and log testing results.

Dates: January 11 (complete), February 1 (complete), February 22 (complete), March 15 (in progress), April 5

Beta testing

A continuation of the structured alpha testing approach, but websites are 85-90% feature complete. The primary objectives of beta testing include:

  • Evaluating overall satisfaction of the product
  • Ensure that the product, as developed, is ready to be released
  • Ultimately answering the question, “Do you like the product?”

Websites built during beta testing will be eligible to move into the Pantheon production environment.

Issues identified as critical to the operation of the system will be addressed immediately. Minor user-experience related changes may be incorporated before launch. All other feedback will be added to a development backlog and prioritized for future development.

Key dates

One "closed" and one "open" beta testing phase will follow the alpha testing period. The “closed” beta testing phase will include only our alpha testing group. An invitation to participate in the “open” beta testing phase will be shared with campus closer to that time.

Dates: April 28 (closed), May 19 (open)


Additional project notes and resources

training and support

Training and support for WCMS 3

Training and support resources are currently being updated and will be made available as close to the start of beta testing as possible. These resources may change or be updated as we receive testing feedback, but will include:

  • New how-to documentation
  • New LEARN online training courses
  • Working sessions
  • A dedicated (virtual) WCMS 3 drop-in lab session each Tuesday afternoon (start date TBD)

project website

Building the Next WCMS website

What to participate in the open beta testing phase?

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