Welcome to Building the next WCMS

The Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) is the centrally supported website creation and maintenance tool at the University of Waterloo and uses an open source product called Drupal as its foundation.

The current version of our websites, "WCMS 2", are built using Drupal 7, which will reach end-of-life in 2021, meaning it will no longer be supported by core maintainers with fixes, security releases, or enhancements. The next version of our websites, "WCMS 3", will be built in the newest available version of Drupal, Drupal 8. 

This project will manage the redevelopment of WCMS 3 (excluding UWaterloo Scholar websites), and this site will be used to share project information and updates on the work being done to "build the next WCMS".

  1. Jan. 13, 2021Paradise by the Dashboard light

    It's always been in the back of our minds that the workbench and dashboard functionality in WCMS 2 wasn't exactly ideal. What was in the workbench, and what was in the dashboard? Why does it take so many clicks to create a piece of content? Why do you have to see things you'll never use? Why can't you change things to better suit your workflow?

    So we changed all that in WCMS 3.

  2. Jan. 7, 2021WCMS 3 Alpha testing to begin

    Alpha testing begins

    I’m pleased to announce the start of testing for the University’s next generation web platform, WCMS 3. Over the next four months, the WCMS 3 project team will lead campus web administrators, who have graciously volunteered their time, in a total of five rounds of Alpha and Beta testing. This testing is critical to identifying bugs and informing refinements that cannot be identified through our automatic testing processes. When released on April 26, 2021, the foundation of WCMS 3 will continue to be built upon, adding new features and functionality with an initial emphasis on all the core and custom functionality required to complete migrations from WCMS 2 to WCMS 3 by November 2022. 

  3. Dec. 8, 2020More flexible page building with WCMS 3

    One of the things we have heard consistently in user feedback, surveys, and even in casual conversation, is that users want a more flexible WCMS. We want you to know that we're listening, and that this is one of the core goals of the WCMS 3 project.

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