Development roadmap

Recently released in 3.2.16

  • Consolidated all single content type listing blocks into generic blocks for automatic and manual listings
  • Consolidated all single content type teaser blocks into a single content teaser block
    added an option to the dashboard content list block to allow selecting a default moderation state
  • Added a Mailchimp webform handler to allow using WCMS webforms to submit information to Mailchimp
  • Added the ability to the editor to identify selections of text as being in a specific language (languages not found in the list can be used by adding the appropriate language identifier in source view, but if a language you intend to use regularly is not on the list, please submit a ticket)
  • Added XLSX (Microsoft Excel) export for webform results and made it the default
  • Various bug fixes

For a detailed breakdown of current feature status for the full "FDSU" theme please review previous release notes as well as the Release comparison page.


As we proceed with continued development of WCMS 3, we will do our best to disclose our roadmap in an effort to communicate how the WCMS will evolve over the next several months. Please note this is a rolling list that does not include bug fixes and is not exhaustive of everything we are currently working on or planning to work on from a feature perspective.

(Updated April 23, 2024)

Now (current sprint)

  • Conference features
  • Publications features
  • Student budget calculator
  • Multilingual support


  • Admissions requirements
  • Awards
  • Drupal 10 upgrade
  • Pattern Lab/Gesso replacement
  • Important dates/calendar changes
  • Webhooks → SuiteCRM integration
  • Tuition fee estimator
  • Daily Bulletin
  • Waterloo News homepage
  • Food Services
  • GDPR cookie banner changes
  • PHP 8.1 prep
  • Business continuity review


  • Program search
  • Drupal 11 upgrade
  • Authoring UX improvements
  • Codeception/testing enhancements
  • Visual regression testing
  • Product analytics tool
  • Statuspage integration
  • Claro admin theme
  • New Relic
  • PHP 8.2 prep
  • Git mirror/hot backup
  • Composer 2 transition
  • URL shortener
  • WCMS 2 deprecation prep
  • Pantheon caching improvements
  • WCMS 3 feature deprecation
  • Apache Solr research