Development roadmap

As we proceed with continued development of WCMS 3, we will do our best to disclose our roadmap in an effort to communicate how the WCMS will evolve over the next several months. Please note this is a rolling list that does not include bug fixes and is not exhaustive of everything we are currently working on or planning to work on from a feature perspective. 

(Updated July 14)

Recently released

  • Expand/collapse
  • Added support for populating fillable PDFs from form submissions
  • Added RSS feed links to the content listing pages
  • Added iCal link to the event listing page and individual event pages
  • Made it possible to clone content in the expand/collapse group content type

For a detailed breakdown of current feature status for the full "FDSU" theme please review previous release notes as well as the Release comparison page.

Upcoming release projections

Projections +/- one release, some items may be shipped early and conversely unplanned circumstances may lead to delays.


Week of July 25

  • Authenticated sites
  • Infographic support added to Facts and Figures
  • Module updates


Week of August 15

  • Organization chart
  • New spellcheck tool
  • BibCite


Week of September 5

On the horizon

  • Implementation of Ohana theme (Pattern Lab integration)
  • Organization chart migration support
  • Improved automated testing framework
  • "Single page" theme features
  • "Publications" theme features
  • "Conference" theme features
  • New admin theme