Known issues

While we try to make everything as bug-free as possible, sometimes things slip through. This page lists many currently known issues, with workarounds where possible. If you are experiencing issues that are not listed, please submit a bug report.

We ship new releases approximately every 3 weeks.

Issue Workaround Fix ETA
in blocks using the editor (e.g. blockquote, copy text, etc.), actions that use the "standard" dialog box do not allow data entry open and cancel the option, then switch in and out of source view, then open the option again next release
in copy blocks, image attributes such as alignment and size may not be applied when saving the block switch in and out of source view before saving TBD
cannot add or edit the title of a copy block after adding an image or a file (in Firefox) add or edit the title before adding images or files, or use another browser TBD