Known issues

While we try to make everything as bug-free as possible, sometimes things slip through. This page lists many currently known issues, with workarounds where possible. If you are experiencing issues that are not listed, please submit a bug report.

We ship new releases approximately every 3 weeks.

Issue Workaround Fix ETA
spaces are removed from text ensure spaces are "real" and not wrapped in tags in source view, as empty tags are now removed from output n/a
section side spacing is not consistent at narrower screen sizes use section widths that have the same side spacing improved; full fix ETA 2 releases
webforms sending emails in plain text do not include information from "mapping" fields set the emails to send as HTML TBD
in copy blocks, when using the same media item for images more than once, with different dimensions, all instances of that media item will have the first item's dimensions upload additional copies of the same image when different sizes are needed TBD
on pages with sidebars, expand/collapse contents may not be properly contained in the column avoid using expand/collapse blocks on pages with sidebars, or avoid using sidebars on pages with expand/collapse blocks TBD
in copy blocks, image attributes such as alignment and size may not be applied when saving the block switch in and out of source view before saving TBD
on some migrated content, attempting to save changes to blocks might report "The content has either been modified by another user, or you have already submitted modifications. As a result, your changes cannot be saved." recreate the block, copying and pasting content if needed, then delete the original block must be manually fixed