WCMS update for July 2022

Thursday, July 21, 2022

In lieu of the July Web Advisory Committee (WAC) meeting, we've compiled a list of notable updates occurring since June to share. Just to preface all of the updates, as previously mentioned at the June WAC meeting, the WCMS team is managing through various leaves, vacations, and staff shortages. Our response time for RT requests will definitely take longer than usual so we thank everyone for your continued patience.


  • The 3.1.10 release has been delayed due to the aforementioned resource challenges and a last minute issue; there is a strong likelihood that authentication-required site support will be ready to ship soon; goal is to release 3.1.10 one way or the other in the next week or so.
  • Bibliography replacement (aka BibCite/References/Publications/Biblio) somewhat delayed due to need to rename, along with last tickets, but is expected to be the next major feature shipped in a future release.
  • Focus points in the July 19 – August 9 sprint include:
    • Finishing BibCite work
    • Continuing switching from Gesso to Ohana
    • Documentation for "single-page" blocks
    • Prepping for upgrade to Drupal 9.4

Training, Support, and Migrations

  • WCMS 3 site requests since last WAC status update:
    • 49 total requests
    • 42 migration requests
    • 29 migration requests remediated by our co-ops
    • 11 migration requests remediated by department staff/co-ops
    • 2 manual migrations to be completed by department staff/co-ops
    • 7 new site requests
  • Training updates since May 2:
    • WCMS 3 remediation training completions: 5
    • WCMS 3 Fundamentals: 22 completions, 24 registrations (typical decrease for summer months)
    • WCMS 3 Web forms: 1 completions, 17 registrations
  • Continuing our outreach and proactive planning work with groups that are interested.
    • Recent success stories include the Institute for Quantum Computing, Department of Psychology, and St. Paul's College

We continue to encourage the campus to consult the Development roadmap, Release comparison, and previous release notes pages to stay on top of WCMS development status.

If you are interested in learning about migrations or are preparing for your own migration, you can review the Migration prep checklist page and contact the team if you have any questions.