Mission statement

The University of Waterloo Library contributes to the achievement of the University's goals by collaborating with the community in teaching, learning, research and service.

The Library is committed to the values of:

  • lifelong learning
  • equitable access
  • intellectual freedom
  • confidentiality
  • communication and cooperation
  • continuous improvement

User needs are primary, and our goal is to create an environment to:

  • become more informed and knowledgeable
  • enhance their creative and critical skills
  • be inspired by intellectual curiosity

The Library's greatest resource is staff, and it is our goal to be:

  • guided by the mission
  • user-focused
  • empowered
  • innovative and flexible

The Library trains and coaches staff and provides an environment to:

  • identify the information needs of our community
  • relate those needs to available resources
  • provide access to those resources
  • facilitate the productive and proficient use of those resources

Excellence, innovation and wellness

The Library has achieved Silver certification in Excellence Canada's Excellence, Innovation and Wellness standard. Seen as a microcosm of the university employee community, the Library was chosen to pilot the standard at the University of Waterloo, and received Bronze certification in 2014. 

Learn more about the initiative's background, deliverables and governance structure on the Excellence Canada at Waterloo website.