Our story to tell

There's a reason Waterloo is Canada's most innovative university

When your friends or family members talk about the University of Waterloo, or try to explain it to others, do they have the whole picture?

What we hear from our alumni is that the world needs a much fuller awareness of what the University of Waterloo is, does and stands for. Which is essential, because we have an incredible story to tell and a key leadership role to play.

Our reputational opportunity is to build on high-profile strengths that the public and our stakeholders are already familiar with. Co-operative education is a prime example. But going forward, we have to ensure a broader awareness about the full breadth of Waterloo’s strengths and activities, from co-op, to research, to entrepreneurship and beyond.

"There’s a reason Waterloo has been ranked Canada’s most innovative university for 23 consecutive years by Maclean’s and top comprehensive research-intensive university for seven years running by Research Infosource. We’re a research powerhouse built on rock-solid academic foundations."


Our leadership in many of the world’s frontier disciplines, including nanotechnology, water research, and quantum information science, shows not only our research prowess, but our instinct for blazing new scientific trails.

And our multidisciplinary and partnership-based approach to tackling key global issues like climate change, water management, aging, and global governance sets us apart as well. Our University has its eyes firmly fixed on the future — its opportunities and challenges — and we’re bringing our resources and our partners to bear.

As a result, we’re a partner-in-demand, having recently signed agreements to collaborate with some of the world’s top research institutions including Université de Bordeaux in France, Tsinghua University in China, Monash University in Australia, and Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology.

This is the vision for innovative, internationalized university research that I am taking with me to my new role as chair of Canada’s U15 association of research-intensive universities.

You’ll find this message of research excellence running through this issue of Waterloo Magazine. It’s also central to the message you’ll find in our first-ever State of the University Report. 

The State of the University Report is intended to do for our full range of stakeholders what Waterloo Magazine does for our alumni: keep them informed, provide opportunities to learn more, and catalyze engagement.

The University of Waterloo is an institution — an alma mater — you can be proud of. Your friends and family members know that already, but do they know the whole story?

Share the enriched digital version of Waterloo’s State of the University Report with your acquaintances and professional associates. Push it on social media. Brag a little.

Let’s get the word out — Waterloo is a University on the rise, and you helped make it happen.