Moving forward and driving the future

Looking forward to the next 60 years of innovation

This year, as Waterloo reflects on 60 years of fantastic impact, we mark the occasion with more anticipation than nostalgia because we’re looking forward to the next 60 years of innovation.

In looking back on the many Waterloo stories, it is remarkable to see how quickly we built a globally recognized reputation. It’s grown constantly. As a result, Waterloo’s impact has been felt around the globe.

Feridun HamdullahpurOver the course of those 60 years, more than 195,000 alumni have given us many reasons to be proud of Waterloo’s growing legacy.

Waterloo graduates are changing the world because we believe in taking unconventional approaches to our research and scholarship.

Waterloo has created a fertile environment for people with great ideas to take big risks.

We encourage people to defy the status quo.

This spirit of innovation has been at the core of Waterloo’s mission, each and every day for 60 years. We constantly encourage our students to look for new ways of approaching their work and to tackle big challenges. In turn, Waterloo graduates have gained a unique ability to thrive in a world full of unpredictable, changing, exciting unknowns.

That’s why I’m so inspired by Waterloo’s ability to influence the future.

Our breakthrough research and teaching excellence will have an even greater influence in the years to come, across all six Faculties, as we disrupt past methods of teaching and learning.

We are also changing the way we go about our business on campus. With new initiatives around sustainability, Indigenization, mental health and gender equity, Waterloo is leading the way.

As well, we are improving the student experience with new social spaces though the current SLC/PAC expansion and the upcoming fieldhouse construction — two practical additions that will complement our beautiful grounds.

On all of our campuses, we continue to offer students a unique opportunity to be part of a University that is innovative, interdisciplinary and international in scope, connecting disciplines, people and ideas in everything we do. These characteristics give Waterloo an edge in the race to find solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. As well, they ensure that we are home to research that expands the boundaries of knowledge.

Waterloo is making advances in fields that include artificial intelligence, quantum information science, robotics, water, aging, digital media, autonomous vehicles, and many more that are pertinent to our social, technological and economic development.

I am confident that Waterloo’s research will change the way we all live, communicate, work, travel and connect over the next 60 years.


Photo credit: Vchal/iStock/Thinkstock