Jillian Anderson

Lab Alumnus

Jillian AndersonAs part of NetLab’s software development team, Jillian contributed to projects such as gitnet, mkD3, tidyextractors, and recordlinkage. Additionally, as part of her Bachelor of Knowledge Integration honours thesis (supervised by Dr. John McLevey), Jillian developed cydr, an open source R package for cleaning agricultural yield data. This was the perfect project for Jillian (who grew up on a family farm in Saskatchewan), because it enabled her to apply her data cleaning skills to “automate the boring stuff” and address a problem for agricultural producers in Western Canada. Now that her undergraduate degree is finished, Jillian is working on a professional master's in big data (MSc Computer Science) at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. She plans on supplementing classes on topics such as machine learning and data visualization with plenty of hiking and cycling, preferably on a near 1-to-1 ratio.

University of Waterloo