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Mushmallows are healthy vegetarian campfire alternatives to marshmallows and s’mores. They taste great, are very easy to make, use few ingredients, yet you can create a variety of combinations to suit your taste. Consider making this mycology-inspired culinary creation your go-to campfire staple.

White button mushrooms, any size (cremini will also work)

Flavoured cream cheese (garlic and herb is delicious, many other flavours to choose from)

Cream cheese

1. Remove stem from mushroom by rocking back and forth until it detaches. The stem contains moisture that is best removed and the hole will later be used for the filling.

2. Place mushroom on end of a metal marshmallow-roasting stick. A double-pronged stick is best for stability.

3. Roast both sides for ~2.5 minutes a side. Timing is flexible, as is heat. The goal is to gently crinkle the outside and dry the mushroom a little in the process. One benefit is that a mushmallow does not burst into flames like a marshmallow does. It takes effort to overly char the outside.

4. When nicely "toasted" (browned both sides), carefully remove from  the metal prongs. A mushmallow does not retain heat well so this is not usually a difficult step. However, be careful of any liquid that might drip from holes - liquid drips will be hot.

5. Fill the mushmallow hole with flavoured cream cheese. "Garlic and herb" flavour is great. Jalapeno is also delicious (and spicy!). Be adventurous.

6. Enjoy.

Optional: placing cream-cheese filled mushmallow onto a thin circular rice cracker or round melba toast simulates a s'more. This is a crunchy and delicious alternative to a standard mushmallow (s'mushmallow?).

mushmallow s'more

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