Our people

Fostering our champions

Whether you attended an event, made a one-time donation, or make ongoing gifts through payroll, every little bit counts. Your support makes an impact and helps support the community beyond Ring Road.

Our volunteers

The university’s campaign is fortunate to have a network of champions who work tirelessly every October to ensure the campaign’s success. We want to thank everyone who showed support throughout the campaign, and ask for their help in a different way.

Our area reps take the time to brainstorm, plan and execute imaginative fundraising events and we couldn’t do it without them.

The large group of United Way volunteers

Don’t have an area rep in your unit? Let us know if you’d like to volunteer. Units are welcome to have more than one area rep.

First name Last name Email Department/Unit
Alison Zorian amzorian@uwaterloo.ca Mathematics
Fatima  Costa fmcosta@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Lisa McAughey lmcaughe@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Emily Huxley-Osborne echuxley@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Sonya Bastedo sonya.bastedo@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Reid McRob reid.mcrob@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Jamie Reilly jamie.reilly@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Janet Hahn jrhahn@uwaterloo.ca Advancement
Laurie Strome lestome@uwaterloo.ca Advancement 
Courtney Bremer ccollins@uwaterloo.ca Library
Cornelia tiba ctiba@uwaterloo.ca Library
Mary-Lynn Bartlett mlbartle@uwaterloo.ca Library
Sarah Martin s3martin@uwaterloo.ca Library
Sara Perkins sara.perkins@uwaterloo.ca Library
Stefaniada Voichita svoichit@uwaterloo.ca Library
Susan Martin s5martin@uwaterloo.ca Library
Easton Page edpage@uwaterloo.ca WatPD
Erin Kelly emkelly@uwaterloo.ca WatPD
Amanda Arnnarilli aannaril@uwaterloo.ca SSO
Christina Yee ccyee@uwaterloo.ca Office of Research
Darlene Dakin darlene.dakin@uwaterloo.ca Office of Research
Davene Palvetzian davene.palvetzian@uwaterloo.ca University Relations
Jenny Rothwell jrothwel@uwaterloo.ca Accounting
Karen Koo safaa@uwaterloo.ca Accounting
Victoria Hinde saf-dev@uwaterloo.ca Accounting
Brendan Lowther brendan.lowther@uwaterloo.ca Feds
Kelly Schultz kelly.schultz@uwaterloo.ca Support Waterloo
Karen Browne kjbrowne@uwaterloo.ca Support Waterloo


Mastrangelo cmastran@uwaterloo.ca Support Waterloo
Liz Doede edoede@uwaterloo.ca IST
Karen Dubois karen.dubois@uwaterloo.ca IST
Cathy Logan-Dickie clogandickie@uwaterloo.ca Computer Science
Carrie Nickerson carrie.nickerson@uwaterloo.ca Registrar
Eleanor Clarke e5clarke@uwaterloo.ca Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Jennifer Moll jkmoll@uwaterloo.ca Chemical Engineering
Marianne Peereboom mpeereboom@uwaterloo.ca Plant Opts
Lynsey Redman lredman@uwaterloo.ca HR
Raghda Sabry raghda.sabry@uwaterloo.ca HR
Sheila McConnell sheila.mcconnell@uwaterloo.ca MPS
Verna Keller vkeller@uwaterloo.ca CTE
Victoria Gadon vgadon@uwaterloo.ca Co-op
Wendy Flemming wflemming@uwaterloo.ca Management Sciences
Nadeera Careless ncareless@uwaterloo.ca Optometry
Dan Rogers drogers@uwaterloo.ca Public Health
Chao Yang c5yang@uwaterloo.ca Writing Centre
Paula-Ann Zahra pazahra@uwaterloo.ca Retail Services
Alison Walker a22walker@uwaterloo.ca Mechanical Engineering
Cassandra Brett cbrett@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies
Suzanne Chung suzanne.chung@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies
Shirley Lokker shirleyl@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies
Katie Couto ccouto@uwaterloo.ca Graduate Studies

Our donors

Our generous campus community makes us proud to work at the University of Waterloo. There are countless stories behind gifts to the United Way, but whatever the reason, we’re thankful to work with caring colleagues.

Jay Mielke and his one year old daughterWe reached out to one donor to learn more about his reasons for giving.

With two young children, Jay Mielke has many personal expenses and responsibilities, but he continues to contribute to the University of Waterloo’s United Way campaign.

“I grew up in this area and feel lucky to be raising my family here. But I know that not everyone in the region always feels as lucky. I want to help build this community to be a great place where we support each other.”

Mielke, who works as a digital communications specialist on campus, has chosen the $10/month payroll deduction option for his donation. He says that using the automatic payroll deduction option is the easiest way for him to contribute financially. He also notes that these charitable donations are automatically included on your T4 so come tax time it is that much easier.

Jay donates directly to the United Way rather than picking individual organizations on his own because he appreciates that the United Way works closely with local organizations and has a good sense of where funds are needed.

“I want to show my son and daughter that as community members, we have a responsibility to help our neighbours. It’s important to me that they understand how to give back.”

Jay Mielke