Our events

Virtual doesn’t mean less interactive

This year presented challenges to our events team members, but we must admit that they outdid themselves. They stepped up to the challenge brilliantly and used their creativity to bring United Way events to people’s homes through their computers, raising money for a cause we’re all so proud of.

Houseplants 101

A cartoon graphic of plants with the title of hte event and the date and time it occured last yearBryan Dobson of Gold Leaf Botanicals hosted a lunch-time session on plant care on October 13.

Green thumbs united and learned about different houseplants, how to care for them, and how Canadian seasons can impact their longevity and health.

Yoga session

The Keeping Well at Work logoKeeping Well at Work (the University’s health campaign) hosted a yoga session to relax our bodies and align our minds on October 19.

This session provided many with the chance to unplug from work and unwind, helping to build their physical and mental strength through light yoga, mindful meditation, breathing techniques, and gratitude. Sandra Gibson from Campus Wellness hosted the event with great success.

Live cooking show

A plate of pasta with the words "Live Cooking Show" and the time and date. The Thrive mental health logo is in the cornerWe brought back our wildly popular cooking show, this time making polenta, on October 28.

Chef Mark Meinzinger got out his whisks and bowls and taught everyone how to make a simple, yet deliciously versatile meal that can be prepared in a variety of ways. The event was co-hosted with Thrive – the University’s mental health campaign