Our impact

Making a difference in our community

In 2021, we raised $230,156.25 that will help fund programs that enhance support for basic needs, mental health, and social isolation in our community.

Our funds raised have supported:

  • Help youth enhance their social and educational skills,
  • help those in need of counselling and mental health services,
  • help local immigrants connect to their community,
  • bring individuals and our communities together,
  • help those living in poverty in our community, and more.

    2021 Campaign Highlights

    During the campaign, 24 dedicated campus ambassadors organized events and initiatives that made working from home (for many of us) and supporting the United Way much more fun and accessible:

    Icon of hands raising up a heart

    Our average donation was $474.51 --> $40 monthly!

    A row of three arrows all pointing up, all increasing in height

    485 total donors – up from 460 in 2020

    Icon of a hand holding up a plant that is growing a dollar sign instead of a flower

    126 first-time donors – up from 103 first-time donors in 2020


    As a result, our workplace campaign got nominated for a United Way Spirit Award!

    Feature photo: Our 2021 Campaign in the News from the United Way website.