See the PDF version of the UWaterloo MA-MES-MSc guidelines .

Evaluation of MA/MES/MSc candidates

The following procedure has been adopted for the evaluation of first year MA/MES/MSc candidates.

  1. Each student is to be assigned an advisor at the outset of the first term. (If possible, a thesis committee will be formed by the end of January of the first year in residence).
  2. At the end of the first term, the advisor is to be responsible for obtaining from all faculty involved in courses (irrespective of department) in which the student is registered, a qualitative assessment of the student's performance.
  3. By the last week in January, the advisor will be prepared to present these qualitative assessments at a faculty meeting which will be held for the purpose of identifying student progress (or lack thereof).
  4. All students will be informed of their progress by the advisor after this meeting. Students in apparent difficulty will be requested to meet informally with their advisor, a member of the Graduate Affairs Committee, and either their committee (if formed) or the instructors of the Geography courses in which they were/are enrolled. The purpose of this meeting will be to determine the reasons for the apparent unsatisfactory academic performance in the first term. It is recognized that students generally go through an adjustment period and the emphasis at this time would be on assistance.
  5. The same procedure will be followed in September when the emphasis will be on evaluation of academic performance in the first year.
  6. Any student who has not measured up to the standards required by the department, (a B average in all graduate courses), will at this time be requested to withdraw from the program.
  7. Student should follow thesis regulations as determined by the Graduate Studies Office.

Formatting guidelines apply.

MA/MES/MSc thesis procedures and requirements in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management

Supervisor should ensure all coursework is completed before thesis defence.

  1. Candidates must defend the thesis before their committee (two members of the program, being the advisor and one other faculty member). ). In addition, one faculty member or qualified professional outside the committee will be designated as a reader of the thesis and will serve as an examiner to the oral. Before a qualified professional is designated as a reader, the student’s supervisor must submit their CV to the graduate chair for review and approval. Other interested members of the department may attend the oral presentation.

    In evaluating the thesis at the oral presentation, committee members and readers will have votes. The readers and thesis committee members will be in equal numbers and the evaluation will be established by a simple majority of the ballot vote. The decision of the examining committee (committee and readers) will fall into one of the following categories:
    • Accepted
    • Accepted with Minor Modifications
    • Accepted with Major Modifications
    • Decision Deferred
    • Rejected
  2. Prior to the oral examination, an abstract not exceeding 600 words must be distributed to all department members with the defence notice. An electronic PDF copy of the thesis, including an abstract must be submitted to: Alan Anthony, Graduate Program Assistant, GEM, no fewer than two weeks before the oral examination. Students should contact the committee members to confirm if a paper copy or PDF is required.
  3. For the oral examination the thesis must be complete including all maps, tables, and other illustrative materials.
  4. Following the oral examination, any additions, or corrections to the thesis must be made to the satisfaction of the committee.
  5. When all additions and/or corrections have been made and approved the student should submit their thesis according to the Graduate Studies Office guidelines.
  6. Once the thesis is submitted the student must complete the Graduate Studies Intention to Graduate/Program Completion Form and submit to Alan Anthony.

All students must remain registered until the thesis submission has been approved.