Course list

The tables below summarize all official course offerings within the joint program and are organized by specialization. Class meetings, such as lectures and seminars, may take place on either Waterloo or Laurier campuses. University of Waterloo students use course codes beginning with GEOG, while Laurier students' course codes are prefixed with GG, irrespective of the physical location of the lectures and seminars.

As an alternative option, the Selected Topics in Geography (GG/GEOG 675) course provides students with the opportunity to study special or independent topics within the realm of geographic theory but outside the normal curriculum. Meeting times for this course will be set by the instructor of the course.

Specific program requirements, including course credit requirements and limitations on special topics and external courses, are detailed on the graduate programs page relevant to the student's program. Core seminars to the program and to individual specializations are accompanied by an asterisk (*).

Geography, all fields

Course title Course code
Waterloo Laurier
Graduate student and faculty seminar in geography* GEOG 691 GG 691
Multivariate statistics GEOG 616 GG 616
Qualitative methods in geography GEOG 625 GG 625
Selected topics in geography GEOG 675 GG 675
Geographic thought and methodology GEOG 690 GG 690
International study GEOG 692 GG 692

Environment and resource management

Course title Course code
Waterloo Laurier
Perspectives in resource and environmental management* GEOG 660 GG 660
Political ecology: Nature, society and sustainability GEOG 664 GG 664
Environmenal planning theory and practice GEOG 665 GG 665
Ecosystem approach to park planning GEOG 666 GG 666
Environmental assessment GEOG 668 GG 668
Energy sustainability GEOG 669 GG 669
Contemporary perspectives on tourism GEOG 671 GG 671
Human ecology of stressed environments GEOG 672 GG 672
International perspectives on resource and environmental management GEOG 673 GG 673
Climate change: Human dimensions GEOG 676 GG 676

Environmental science

Course title Course code
Waterloo Laurier
Seminar in physical geography* GEOG 640 GG 640
Climate change: Physical dimensions GEOG 641 GG 641
Micrometeorology GEOG 642 GG 642
Dynamic geomorphology GEOG 643 GG 643
Applied geomorphology GEOG 644 GG 644
Fluvial and glaciofluvial sediment transport GEOG 645 GG 645
Hydrology GEOG 646 GG 646
Recent advances in wetland studies GEOG 647 GG 647
Paleoliminology GEOG 648 GG 648
Hydrology of cold regions GEOG 649 GG 649
Hydroecology for freshwater ecosystem management GEOG 651 GG 651
Applied studies in hydrology and the environment 1 GEOG 661A GG 661A
Applied studies in hydrology and the environment 2 GEOG 661B GG 661B


Course title Course code
Waterloo Laurier
Seminar in spatial data handling* GEOG 600 GG 600
Environmental change and remote sensing GEOG 601 GG 601
Remote sensing of cold regions GEOG 602 GG 602
Remote sensing and earth system science GEOG 603 GG 603
Spatial statistics GEOG 604 GG 604
Spatial information technology, globalization and international development GEOG 605 GG 605
Applications of geographic information systems GEOG 607 GG 607
Urban remote sensing GEOG 608 GG 608
GIS and spatial decision support for planning and resource management GEOG 609 GG 609

Human geography

Course title Course code
Waterloo Laurier
Industrial location theory and concepts GEOG 611 GG 611
Regional development principles and practice GEOG 613 GG 613
Community economic development GEOG 615 GG 615
Regional planning, economic and investment analysis GEOG 619 GG 619
Seminar in human geography* GEOG 620 GG 620
Metropolitan form and structure in Canada GEOG 621 GG 621
Human activity and travel behaviour GEOG 624 GG 624
International development: Theories and practice GEOG 635 GG 635
Cultural geography GEOG 637 GG 637
Consequences of tourism GEOG 638 GG 638
Food systems and sustainability GEOG 639 GG 639
Theory of local economic development GEOG 685 GG 685