Accessibility Committee

Prepared by the Associate Provost, Human Resources' Advisory Committee on Accessibility (membership as of March 2018).

Joanne Adair | Coordinator, Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion

Harry Bakker | Executive Director, Plant Operations

Joyce Barlow | AODA Specialist, Human Resources (secretary)

Mary Lynn Benninger | Associate Registrar, Records and Systems, Registrar

Antonio Brieva | President, Federation of Students 

Pam Charbonneau | Director, Student Success, Student Success Office

Katie Damphouse | Representing the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

Annette Denny | Representing the University of Waterloo Staff Association

Jennifer Gillies | Associate Director, AccessAbility Services

Michelle Haugner | Coordinator of Library Accessibility Services, Library

Lee Hornberger | Director, Total Compensation, Human Resources (chair)

Rob Hunsperger | Director, Design and Construction Services, Plant Operations

Lynn Judge | Director, Graduate Academic Services, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

Sharon Lamont | Director, Organizational Services, Library

Liam Morland | Web Accessibility Consultant, Information Systems & Technology

Zara Rafferty | Representing the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

Max Salman | Vice President, Graduate Student Association 

Doug Turnbull | Representing CUPE Local 793

For the most current membership, please visit our Accessibility at Waterloo webpage.