Section E

Status indicator for started EmploymentMYAP: Waterloo will:

  1. Develop a centralized and standardized process for managing accommodation requests for persons with disabilities (active or prospective employees, students, and cross-over populations).
  2. The priorities for this centralized body are to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of individuals in need of accommodation (to prevent real or perceived bias against an individual based on their disability) as well asto ensure that funding is provided for accommodation solutions regardless of an individual’s faculty/department affiliation.

E1. Centralize accommodation process

Status indicator for somewhat complete

Status: somewhat completeWoman with one eye closed looking at a screen
Progress: at risk

As noted in our last progress report, establishing our Accommodation Policy is a prerequisite for planning the management process foremployement accommodations. This activity remains on hold while Policy 57 – Employee accommodations continues with its finalization activities. Currently, employment accommodations as they relate to disability continue to be managed by our Occupational Health department.

E2. Employment accommodation funding

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Status: not started
Progress: at risk

Employment accommodation funding is a key component of the central accommodation process and will be a part of the process development within initiative E1. At present, departments continue to manage the financial requirements for implementing disability accommodation solutions.