Customer Service

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MYAP: Waterloo will develop a strategy for the following customer service areas:

  1. Improving communications for planned service disruptions (such as IT, roads, elevators, etc.)
  2. Developing a community engagement strategy that involves active and ongoing consultation with persons experiencing disabilities.

B1. Communications for service disruptions

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In March 2021, Plant Operations successfully launched their self-subscription notifications for planned service interruptions. This system allows users to self-subscribe to a variety of emailed service interruption notifications, including location, and service type, such as planned power outages, elevator maintenance, water shutoffs, etc. Information released includes when the disruption will occur, the duration, and the reason for the disruption. There are currently 693 subscribers to this service. The Plant Operations group continues to explore avenues to include accessibility-specific information as it relates to the temporary disruption. Additional opportunities may arise as we progress through the work of cataloguing accessible elements (initiative D2).

B2. Community engagement strategy

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Progress: complete

In March 2021, the University successfully launched its Accessibility Advisory Panel (AAP) ( Utilizing a virtual platform, individuals can sign up to become a panel member at any time and remain on the panel for as long as they are engaged. Information is sent to panel members through the platform regarding accessibility initiatives occurring at the University. Panel members are invited to participate as they see fit, either by responding directly through the platform, or emailing the secretary of the Accessibility Committee.

As of November 2021, there are 48 panel members, with the majority (56%) from our student community. 50% of members disclosed having a disability and the most interested topic areas were “Policies and Procedures” and “Education”. In the new year, a participant survey will be distributed to all panel members Large-print keyboardwith the aim of better understanding their experience thus far, request feedback for areas of improvement to the University's approach to communicating with the panel, and to increase engagement.