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  1. Waterloo will strive to incorporate universal design principles within teaching spaces and related protocols.

F1. Universal Design in Teaching spaces

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The Teaching and Learning Spaces Committee (TLSC) piloted a preliminary physical classroom standard in 2021. Various gaps and areas of improvements were identified, and since then, the TLSC has been conducting an environmental scan of physical teaching space standards at other universities. Along with consultation with key stakeholders within the University, the goal is to develop a more robust classroom standard that clearly articulates the University’s values and requirements for design teams (both internal and consulting) to apply these principles in all classroom spaces. The goal is to finalize the standard in Spring term, with immediate application to Registrar-managed spaces. Ongoing consultation with faculties and support units will be completed to consider their unique circumstances, with the goal of implementing the standard across all other classrooms spaces, beyond the Registrar-managed spaces.