Who are we?

Announcing New Name

We recently adopted a new name for our association, The Multi-Faith & Spirituality Resource Team. Individual members may still refer to themselves as chaplains. Team Members are clergy, a leader in a religious group, or spiritual mentors present on campus. This currently includes staff members, primarily at the church colleges, as well as faith and spirituality leaders from the community that are volunteers or sponsored by faith or spirituality tradition.

What does that look like?

The University of Waterloo Multi-Faith & Spirituality Resource Team represent different faith traditions, and we strive to be a dynamic presence on campus, providing support to students, faculty, staff and the community.

We seek to help members of the University community to grapple with spiritual meaning in their lives.

We offer assistance for community development, and promote the integration of academic knowledge and meaningful personal faith.

We offer ritual space and ritual moments for the University community, and seek to be an intentional and compassionate spiritual response in times of crisis.