Places of Worship in Waterloo

Places of Worship in Waterloo


All Saints Anglican Church        400 Northfield Dr, Waterloo        519-884-6600

Church of the Holy Saviour        33 Allen St E., Waterloo            519-743-8772

St Columba’s Anglican Church    250 Lincoln Rd., Waterloo        519-884-3681

Antiochian Orthodox

Christ the Saviour Antiochian     96 Dunbar Road South, Waterloo    519-741-1364


Creekside Church            660 Conservation Dr, Waterloo    519-725-0265

First Baptist Church            306 Erb St W., Waterloo        519-886-6530

Glen Acres Baptist Church        223 Hartwood Ave., Waterloo    519-745-3031


Baha’i information Centre         91 King Street North, Waterloo        

519 884-5907

The Spiritual Assembly of the    256 King Street North, Waterloo
Baha’is of Waterloo

Phommaviharam Buddhist Temple    12 Hoffman Street, Kitchener        519-745-9505


Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic 173 Lourdes St., Waterloo        519-886-0342

St Agnes Roman Catholic Church      75 Bluevale St. N., Waterloo        519-885-4480

St-Michael’s Roman Catholic Church    240 Hemlock St., Waterloo     519-884-9311

Chinese Alliance Church

Kitchener Waterloo Chinese Alliance      612 Erb St W., Waterloo        519-746-1693

Christian Other (Non-Denominational)

Bethel Chapel                16 Laurel St, Waterloo        519-886-3110

Church of Christ            470 Glenelm Cres, Waterloo        519-885-6330

Church of God (German)        170 Middlebury Dr., Waterloo    519-885-6330

Hope Fellowship            34-25 Benjamin Road, Waterloo    519-906-3330

The Meeting House            Galaxy Cinemas, Conestoga Mall,      226-339-4011    550 King Street North, Waterloo

Christian Reformed Church
Waterloo Christian Reformed     209 Bearinger Rd., Waterloo        519-746-5727


Christian Fellowship Church        315 Northlake Dr, Waterloo        519-725-4048

Lincoln Heights Evangelical         289 Linclon Rd., Waterloo         519-885-4800
Missionary Church

Trinity Evangelical Missionary    330 Conservative Dr., Waterloo    519-746-6473


Brahmarishi Mission Of Canada    525 Bridge Street East, Kitchener    519-579-1486
Shri Ram Dham Hindu Temple &
Brahmavidya Yogashrama


Muslim Society of Waterloo &    213 Erb St W.,Waterloo         519-886-8470
Wellington Counties    

Jami Mosque                 1550 Dunbar Road, Cambridge    519-740-6855

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses-Kingdom Hall    185 Swallow St., Waterloo        519-746-1693


Temple Shalom             543 Beechwood Dr., Waterloo    519-742-7771

The Rohr Chabad Center for        251 Albert Street, Waterloo        519-725-4289
Jewish Life


Christ Lutheran Church         445 Anndale Rd, Waterloo        519-885-4050

Messiah Lutheran Church        700 Glen Forrest Blvd, Waterloo    519-884-3849

Mount Zion Lutheran Church        29 Westmount Rd S., Waterloo    519-886-5820

Redeemer Lutheran Church         78 John St W., Waterloo        519-745-5027

St John’s Evangelical Lutheran    22 Willow St., Waterloo        519-886-1880
Church     2

New Apostolic Church

New Apostolic Church Canada     319 Bridgeport Rd East, Waterloo     519-884-2862
General Offices

New Apostolic Church        45 Lodge St, Waterloo        519-884-2862


Erb Street Mennonite Church        131 Erb St W., Waterloo        519-886-6530

Grace Mennonite Brethren Church    140 Westmount Rd N, Waterloo    519-743-3619

W-K United Mennonite Church    15 George St., Waterloo        519-578-0660

Waterloo Mennonite Brethren    245 Lexington Rd., Waterloo        519-885-5330

Waterloo North Mennonite Church    100 Benjamin Rd., Waterloo        519-888-6113


St. George Serbian Orthodox Church        665 King St N., Waterloo        519-884-0311
St George  

St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Church         154 King St N., Waterloo        519-342-2359


German Gospel Church        223 Union St E., Waterloo        519-741-5019

Lincoln Road Chapel            145 Lincoln Road, Waterloo        519-747-2211

Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly    395 King St N., Waterloo        519-884-0530

Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church         50 Erb St W., Waterloo        519-886-4150

Waterloo North Presbyterian        685 Highpoint Ave., Waterloo    519-888-7870


Church of Scientology of Kitchener     155 King Street West, Kitchener    519-571-9253


Golden Triangle Sikh Association    2070 Synder’s Road East, Peterburg    519-634-56-81
Kitchener Gurdwara Sahib


First Unitarian Congregation         299 Sydney Street South, Kitchener    519-742-0432
Of Waterloo

United Church of Canada

Emmanuel United Church of Canada     22 Bridgeport Rd W., Waterloo    519-886-1471

First United Church             16 William St., Waterloo        519-745-8487

Parkminster United Church         275 Erb St E., Waterloo        519-885-0935

Westminster United Church         543 Beechwood Dr., Waterloo    519-746-6080

Trinity United Church            74 Frederick Street, Kitchener    519-742-3578