Signature mugs

  • Mug with a Seaborg's signature and chemical symbol - Sg

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    February 2017

    Seaborg group

    This final report for the ACT2 signature-mug series includes Seaborg's contributions and those of some select members of his extended research group: Segrè, Ghiorso, and Morgan. Others in the Seaborg group, Choppin and Oganessian, were previously discussed in Texas connections

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  • four mugs, each with a signature on the front  and an elemental diagram on the back -- Dalton, Davy, Kelvin, and Rutherford

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    October 2016

    Across the pond

    Dalton's mug presents 15 elements and the symbols used by Dalton. Dalton used his own symbols to visually represent the atomic structure of compounds depicted in A New System of Chemical Philosophy, where he listed 20 elements and 17 simple molecules.

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  • mug with elemental periodic table tile of mendelevium with Choppin’s signature

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    September 2016

    Texas connections

    In the April 2016 issue, the article on "Firsts" highlighted mugs dedicated to two professors who taught at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin): Morgan and Lagowski.

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  • a white mug with a sketch of Joseph Priestley

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    May 2016

    Signature mugs: Tragedies of oxygen

    Our second paper focuses on ACT2 mugs highlighting the perplexing story of the discovery of oxygen. Those honored in this story with Signature mugs are Scheele (Mug #16), Lavoisier (Mug #5), Priestley (Mug #8) and Hoffmann (Mug #21).

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  • Mug with a signature and chemical symbol - Am-95

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    April 2016

    Signature mugs: Firsts

    The Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas (ACT2, as it is commonly known) began the signature mug series in 1997 at the encouragement of Professor J. J. Lagowski (Dr. L), former editor of the Journal of Chemical Education and one of the founding Regional Directors of ACT2.

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