Chem 13 News Magazine

A Note to Readers

Chem 13 News magazine covers Over the last fifty years, Chem 13 News has established a strong community around the best practices in teaching high school chemistry. Founded first as a means to serve the teaching needs of the Province of Ontario, Chem 13 News quickly evolved to reach a national and international audience, providing a communication platform for the sharing of expertise and ideas.

With the departure of our long-serving editor, Jean Hein, in the summer of 2019, we are in the midst of planning our strategy for the years ahead. As we work through this review, we encourage you to access our vast catalog of articles, activities and resources that remain available, free on this website. I will update you on the plans for the future once they are in hand.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and contributor to Chem 13 News - the strength of this publication has always been its community.