Chemistry and Inuit Life and Culture

A Message from the Department

 Chemistry and Inuit Life and CultureOn behalf of the University of Waterloo Chemistry Department, I am pleased to present this special issue of Chem 13 News on the intersection of Inuit Life and Culture with Science and Chemistry. We have collected and curated the wonderful contributions of Chaim Christiana Andersen, Rosalina Naqitarvik and Prof. Geoff Rayner-Canham over the last several years in a single edition, to promote and present them in a coordinated form, for the benefit of all who want to learn more about the Northern lands, peoples and ways of life through a scientific lens provided by the Inuit themselves. We hope this strengthens both knowledge and appreciation for the innovation, tremendous respect and care with which the Inuit inhabit their climate – a climate that is both seemingly difficult for many of us, and, more worryingly, increasingly under threat.

It is through this new perspective I have enjoyed taking in these articles, and a journey I hope each of you will share as well.