Women’s voices have always been powerful, relevant and necessary. Our rapidly changing world is creating new spaces and opportunities for these voices to have an impact.
Join us for a very special University of Waterloo 2021 International Women’s Day breakfast as we discuss how diversity and equity are critical to helping power shifts in science, technology, entrepreneurship, and social change.
Be uplifted and challenged as we come together to cultivate a spirit of radical optimism about our future.  We look forward to celebrating at this special breakfast event. 


The University of Waterloo’s President’s Community Impact Awards recognize individuals or teams of community members, students, staff or faculty who embody the University’s spirit of innovation and contribute to making Waterloo Region strong and prosperous.

Congratulations to our 2020 President's Community Impact Award winners!


Community Leader award: Ambika Opal and Paul Parker
University Champion award: KW Legacy Leaders and Sanctuary Refugee Health Centre

“The caliber of post-secondary students in our city is second to none. At the University of Waterloo, in addition to their academic strengths, students find unique and innovative ways to share their time and talent, investing in our city and making it a better place for all. We are fortunate to have this award-winning university in our city.”
- DAVE JAWORSKY, Mayor, City of Waterloo

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america votes

With all eyes on the upcoming election in the United States, University of Waterloo researchers discuss potential social, political and economic impacts for Canada and the world.

will our kid be alright

How will the disruptions of 2020 affect our children and their development? University of Waterloo researchers explore the short and long-term social and developmental consequences and how we can avoid exacerbating the effects of the global pandemic.


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