Kamil Ahmed


Conflict as a result of differences among diverse people grappling to co-exist is inevitable. Fractured relationships don’t have to be. Through my experiences as a son, brother, friend, Muslim, immigrant, citizen, student, neighbor, volunteer and community organizer, I have witnessed a lot of conflict and when I reflect back; details of the conflicts seem less significant than the status of the relationships that were strained. Service in equity, diversity and inclusion work in addition to a BA in Global Studies with Community Engagement from Wilfrid Laurier University compliment my lived experience. As the Coordinator to CJI’s Sulah Program, I have the pleasure of working with, and for the community to facilitate a restorative approach to hate crime and identity-based harm; an approach that offers opportunity to bridge divides, develop mutual understanding and enable capacity to build competent communities. As an advocate for mutual aid and decentralized approaches to care, you can find me in my off-hours organizing Community Fridge KW. I enjoy practicing photography, hosting friends, visiting farmers markets and building playlists