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Trainer and students in roomThe value of the program

  • Respond in creative and positive ways to the disputes and conflict you face on a daily basis.
  • Learn skills and theory to develop confidence in your ability to effectively problem solve at work, home and in the community.
  • Build mediation skills toward becoming a professional mediator.
  • Participate for interest only or work toward a certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation.
  • Learn from experienced practitioners, with an excellent reputation in their field of practice.


To receive a Certificate of Conflict Management and Mediation complete a minimum of 19 days of workshop attendance, which includes:

  • six (6) days of core workshops
  • a minimum of thirteen (13) days of elective workshops.

There is no prescribed order in which to complete the workshops, although Understanding Conflict Foundations is a pre-requisite for several electives, such as Conflict Coaching Skills and Transforming Group Dynamics.

Core workshops (6 days)

Workshops:   Dates and Registration

Understanding Conflict Foundations (2 days)

Understanding Conflict - Advanced (2 days)
Effective Communication Tools: Negotiation & Challenging Conversations (2 days)

Electives (complete a minimum of 13 days)

Workshop -  

Conflict Coaching Skills (2 days)

Leadership Coaching Skills (2 days)
Culture, Diversity and Conflict Management (2 days)

Dispute Resolution Level 1 - Fundamentals (3 days)     
Dispute Resolution Level 2 - Mediation (3 days)

This 6 days of training is also approved by ADRIO &
can be applied to applications for their professional designations
of Q.Med. and C.Med.

Temper your Temperament: Understanding and Managing Interpersonal Conflict  (2 days)
Facilitation Skills (2 days)
Strategies for Stakeholder Engagement (1 day)
Transforming Group Dynamics (2 days)
The Art of Mindful Mediation  (3 days)
Mental Health & Conflict  (1 Day)

Organizational Conflict Approaches (3 days)

Peacemaking Circles Training (4 days)
Peacemaking Circles Training - Advanced (3 days)
Transforming Power, Prejudice and Privilege: Building equitable, diverse and inclusive communities and organizations (2 days)   

Transformative Mediation  (4 days)


  • The current cost of each individual workshop is noted on each workshop webpage (via links in the list above)
  • Discounts are available when paid four weeks in advance. (or see online registration page)
  • The average cost of a full certificate is from $5,000 to $6,000, plus HST depending on the choice of electives
  • There are no additional administrative costs to participate in the full certificate, and participation does not have to be declared in advance
  • A tax letter is provided for workshops offered directly by Grebel (i.e. those not offered in partnership with another organization)