Effective Communication Tools: Negotiation & Challenging Conversations

Mark Weber

Spring 2023



$695.00 + HST   



For most of us, the workplace and our lives in general include many social interactions (and possible interactions) that have the potential to create significant anxiety and/or blow up and undermine desired outcomes (e.g., addressing performance problems, dealing with the failure of others to deliver on their promises, explaining why you can’t follow through on a promise of your own). Meanwhile, human beings are generally highly conflict avoidant. The deep-seated desire to avoid anxiety-producing situations often leads to deep managerial and governance dysfunctions: avoiding conversations that should not be avoided and botching conversations that you cannot afford to botch. This interactive session is designed to offer practical tools, approaches and frameworks for effectively handling those difficult conversations and reducing the anxiety associated with them in the process. It will draw on research related to the psychology of negotiations, perspective-taking, and the self.


Up to one hour of reading may be required prior to attending this content.

We negotiate every day – with employees, coworkers, business partners, suppliers, landlords, merchants, service providers, and even our friends and romantic partners. Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more independent parties. It is a craft that must hold cooperation and competition in creative tension. It is difficult to do well. Even the most experienced (and confident) negotiators often fall prey to common biases, errors in judgment, and bad strategies.

The approach to this topic will be unapologetically “experiential” (and therefore fun!). We will practice, analyze, reflect, and practice again! The best way to learn and improve negotiation skills is to negotiate in a setting where insight is offered, feedback is plentiful and honest, personal reflection is encouraged, and careful analysis is required and provided.

Topics will include:

  • Strategies for distributive and integrative negotiations – and recognizing which is which.
  • Decision-making biases in negotiations and how to avoid defeating yourself
  • Effective negotiation planning


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