Frequently Asked Questions regarding Online Workshops

1.    How will I access the virtual workshop?
You will receive an email with the login details. Please note the email address on which you registered for the workshop will be used for access to the workshop.

2.    What do I need to be able to participate in a webinar?
We are using Zoom to deliver workshops. Click here to learn about the technical requirements for your personal computer. Both video tutorials and articles are available. 

3.    Can I test my connection before the webinar begins?  
Yes.  You will be able to login to the online workshop approximately 15 minutes before the start-time to test your connection, audio and video. Login details will be provided closer to the delivery date. 

4.    How will I be able to ask a question?  
With over a year of experience teaching online, our trainers are now experienced at repsonding to waves of the hand or using Zoom's inbuilt features.  

5.    Will group work still be a part of the workshop experience?  
Yes. Zoom provides the ability to have small breakout groups so that role playing and case study discussions can continue as in a classroom setting.

6.    Will the workshops remain on the same days at the same time as the inclass versions?  
No, to accommodate the online learning environment, we are delivering the workshop over half-day sessions. At present this is mornings from 8:30 am  to 12:30 pm, with a break midway through.  Note, there are exceptions.  Please check each workshop for timing details.

7.    How will I receive my certificate for participating in the workshop?    Completion of all segments of the online version will be recorded on your file.  A PDF version of individual workshop completion will be sent upon request.

8.    How will I receive my certificate if this my final workshop in the Certificate Program?    
       A physical certificate will be forwarded by courier shortly after completion.

9.    What happens if I’m experiencing technical difficulties during the course?    Click here to review the troubleshooting tips provided by Zoom.  A phone number will be provided of an available staff person, who will also work with you to assess issues.  

10.    What happens if I’m not able to attend all delivery dates of this workshop?    We would ask that you are able to attend all sections before signing up.  If circumstances change we will address each situation individually.  Cancellation policy for the workshop remains in effect as for in class.

11.    How will I receive my workshop manual?    Grebel will email all participants a PDF copy of the manual 1 - 3 days before the workshop begins. Courier delivery of a hard copy version is provided as an option. 

12.    Is there a difference in price for the virtual workshops?    We believe that you will still receive the exceptional value of the experience our Program has to offer. 

13.    Will the virtual work delivery be like the in-person option?
Yes. The following media and tools will be used:
•    PowerPoint Presentation 
•    Workshop Manual 
•    Video 
•    Interactive Polls 
•    Small Group Breakouts 
•    Independent work 
•    Large group discussions 
•    Q&A 
•    Article Review 
•    Case Studies 

15.    Will I be able to join with via the phone?   
This is an interactive workshop with different media used throughout the session.  Participation will be extremely hampered if you do not have access to a personal computer with a camera and microphone.

Note: These answers are effective November 1, 2021. Given the fluid nature of the Covid-19 impact, answers are subject to change.