CARL Open Copyright Course

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has released their Open Copyright Course. The seven modules provide an introduction to copyright as it applies in a university setting, with focus on copyright in teaching. Each module is available in English and French, and has a short video and an interactive quiz.

Module 1, "An Introduction to the CARL Copyright Copyright Training Modules" provides an overview of the course as a whole. [Video length: 06:25]

Module 2, "How does copyright law apply at my university?" discusses the foundations of copyright law and how the law interacts with university policies and licenses. [Video length: 03:53]

Module 3, "When do I need to think about copyright?" discusses the kinds of activities you might engage in while teaching that require thinking about copyright. This section is particularly useful when thinking about which materials you'll use in your courses. [Video length: 03:19]

Module 4, "The balancing act: What rights do copyright owners have?" explains how the Copyright Act provides rights to copyright owners and what role these rights have over the life of a work. [Video length: 05:39]

Module 5, "The balancing act: User rights" explains how the Copyright Act provides rights to users of copyright protected works and looks at exceptions with special attention paid to Fair Dealing. [Video length: 06:25]

Module 6, "What do I need to know about licensing?" discusses how licenses and permissions are obtained and pays special attention to Library licenses and licenses from Copyright collective societies. [Video length: 06:12]

Module 7, "Openly licensed materials" discusses licenses, such as Creative Commons licenses, that creators use to grant permission for anyone to make use of a work, with certain conditions. [Video length: 04:12]

These modules are a helpful starting point for understanding copyright. If you have questions, reach out to

If you are looking for more in-depth information, you might be interested in the University of Alberta's Opening Up Copyright modules. There are 30 modules covering a variety of topics, including different sections of the Act and legal cases of importance.