Course Materials (e.g. lecture notes)

43. Do I need to obtain permission to use copyright material in my course packs?

Under fair dealing, short excerpts of copyright-protected materials may be included in course packs without permission. See the Fair Dealing Advisory for details. In addition some materials covered by licences that the Library has for electronic resources may be included in course packs.

40. What kind of print materials can be placed on Course Reserve? 

  • Personal materials of instructors, for which they own the copyright (e.g., assignment questions/solutions).  
  • Original print books, textbooks, legally obtained DVDs and CDs, etc.

  • Courseware for the current academic term.

12. What text should I use in my syllabus to protect the copyright to my course materials?

The University has guidelines for Faculty, Staff and Students Entering Relationships with External Organizations Offering Access to Course Materials. These guidelines provide sample text (see the bottom half of the guidelines) that can be inserted in your syllabus to protect the intellectual property contained in the course, whether it is created by you or others.