44. Do I need to obtain permission if I want copyright-protected material printed on campus?

It depends. If the amount and the purpose of the copying are covered by fair dealing, another exception, or a licence that the Library has for electronic resources, you do not need express permission from the copyright holder. If, for example, you want copies printed for classroom handout and the amount to be copied is consistent with fair dealing, you will not need permission. If, however, what you want to copy is not covered by fair dealing, another exception, or a Library licence, permission will be needed. Any material submitted for printing is checked for copyright clearance. If you have permission to copy the item from the copyright owner, please provide documentation for the permission when submitting your order. If you do not have permission, the Courseware staff will obtain permission where required.

There are some special cases, such as reproducing entire out-of-print books or rare/fragile materials, that may take longer for copyright clearance. When you place your order, the Courseware staff can assess what copyright clearance may be required. If you have any questions regarding copyright, call Courseware staff at extension 33996, or send an email to them at courseware@uwaterloo.ca.

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