LEARN course: Copyright overview

The Copyright Overview for Instructors and Staff course is now available on LEARN for self-enrollment.

This LEARN course consists of 8 brief modules, each followed by a five question quiz. The modules provide an introduction to copyright as it applies in a university setting, with focus on copyright in teaching. The final module provides Waterloo-specific copyright resouces and services. The course is available by clicking on “Self-Registration” on the top navigation bar of your LEARN homepage and selecting “Copyright Overview for Waterloo Instructors and Staff” from the list of available courses (course code: Copyright_OvervieUW).

This course is based on the Open Copyright Course, created by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL). 

These modules are a helpful starting point for understanding copyright. If you have questions, reach out to copyright@uwaterloo.ca.

If you are looking for more in-depth information, you might be interested in the University of Alberta's Opening Up Copyright modules. There are 30 modules covering a variety of topics, including different sections of the Act and legal cases of importance.