D-RES: Correct Transitive Distributed Service Sharing

Title D-RES: Correct Transitive Distributed Service Sharing

With the growth of complexity in the embedded domain, the use of distributed systems to support multiple real-time applications has become commonplace. These applications may share processor and network resources, and real-time scheduling policies can guarantee that these applications do not interfere with each other?s ability to meet their temporal constraints. We believe that these applications should also be able to transparently share services and chains of services, without the coupling that such sharing typically implies. To solve this problem, we propose D-RES, a resource management system that guarantees temporal isolation between service sharing applications in a distributed system. D-RES transparently tracks which application uses which service, billing the correct application even in case of nested service calls. We implemented D-RES, and demonstrate its ability to isolate service-sharing applications even in case of overload.

Year of Publication
Conference Name
Proc. of the Work-in-Progress Session of the Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), Work in Progress
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Barcelona, Spain
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