Performance Prediction upon Toolchain Migration in Model-Based Software

Title Performance Prediction upon Toolchain Migration in Model-Based Software

Changing the development environment can have severe impacts on the system behavior such as the execution-time performance. Since it can be costly to migrate a software application, engineers would like to predict the performance parameters of the application under the new environment with as little effort as possible. In this paper, we concentrate on model-driven development and provide a methodology to estimate the execution-time performance of application models under different toolchains. Our approach has low cost compared to the migration effort of an entire application. As part of the approach, we provide methods for characterizing model-driven applications, an algorithm for generating application-specific microbenchmarks, and results on using different methods for estimating the performance. In the work, we focus on SCADE as the development toolchain and use a Cruise Control and a Water Level application as case studies to confirm the technical feasibility and viability of our technique.

Year of Publication
Conference Name
International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS)
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Ottawa, Canada
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